Are Your Brows Adding 10 Years to Your Age?

Who Knew That Thinning Eyebrows Were No Longer  Stylish?  

For all you 50+ year old women, if you are still getting your eyebrows thinned out and using an eyebrow pencil to redraw them  “that is so 80’s”.  According to expert fashion-esters, thick eyebrows are a sign of youth. As we age our eyebrows like our hair thins out, therefore we in the 50+ club should embrace the new product lines for our eyebrows.

These products include brow powders, brow and lash accelerators, eyebrow enhancing serum, eyebrow conditioners, eyelash and eyebrow treatments and brow kits. There are also instructional videos on how to get the perfect eyebrow. Below are some additional articles and videos that may help you to keep the fabulous you looking 10 years younger. Happy browing…

How To Videos…

Bobbi Brown How-To:Get The Perfect Eye Brows

Bobbi Brown’s Tips to Take Years Off Your Face in Five Minutes


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