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Blogging about general health issues affecting persons nearing on in their 50s.

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Five Foods To Fight Tummy Fat

Take a look at these 5 foods, what do you think they have in common?  Well, if  you are wanting to burn off some tummy fat this year, you may want to research these...

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5 Easy Tricks to Boost Memory

Have you ever walked into a room and forgot why you entered it? How about spending time looking for your key ring or cell phone only to  discover it’s in your hand. If that is...


So You Want To Be Happy In Life?

What is Happiness? Some people search for it their whole life and never find true happiness. Is it a myth or does it really exist? Webster defines happiness as a. “state of well-being and...

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5 Techniques for Learning to Swim at Age 50

5 Tips for Learning to Swim at Age 50 Swimming is a great way to past time and also a good source of exercise to stay in shape while having fun. Ideally, it would...

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