Over 50 Dating Tip: Get A Best Friend Who Is A Chick Magnet

Are you having problems meeting potential dates?

If so, you may want to consider getting a pet, especially  a dog. They can be natural chick magnets. Research shows that a dog can act as your best buddy and get you an introduction to people with little effort. How does that happen, you ask?  People, especially pet lovers are drawn to pets. Therefore in situations where it is difficult to strike up conversations, if you are with your pet, the pet can become an instant topic of conversation.

Instant conversation starter

dating-Chick-magnetWhen you are with your pet, many people will stop and ask you questions.  The questions may include:   how long you have had it,  where did you get it, what kind of breed it is, and tips for training. Before long, you have talked 10 to 15 minutes about your pet and in the process found out information about the person.  Also, there is something very  endearing, when you use words like “good-boy” to your canine friend. Those words can show a caring sensitive side of you.

Meeting is safe and secure environment

Another, good benefit of having a best friend as a chick magnet, is you will  often meet people in a safe and secure environment like parks, walking trails,  neighborhoods or outside of coffeehouses.  In addition, your best friend may help you find friends that live right in your own neighborhood which could lead to a great  walking partner.

Many Future Meetups

Finally, if none of these chance meetings work, your chick magnet can get you an invite to other places where you  may  find like minded potential friends. For instance, you can take a doggy or puppy obedience class that will get you more introductions and in a safe environment. These classes normally take several weeks, and provide multiple opportunities to network and make new friends. Also depending on your breed of dog, you may consider a dog group or a doggy date. So if you are stuck in a rut looking for new friends, consider getting a pet. They can bring great joy into your life and may just be key to new engaging conversations.

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