Inspirational Quotes: Strategy For Letting Go

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Moving On Through the Journey of Life

Our life is a journey and sometimes along the journey there are obstacles that seem difficult to go around. Some people build a bridge to go over the obstacle, some accept the obstacle and live with it, some go through the obstacle to overcome it, and some turn around to avoid the obstacle.  These obstacles can sometimes involve people and relationships that are unproductive and pull us down. The circumstances surrounding the obstacle  may drive us to prayer, soul searching and meditation.

Strategy and Process

It may be through these avenues we learn we need to move on and let go. However, moving on sometimes requires a strategy and process. In the bible, there is a scripture that may help when looking for that move on let go strategy. The scripture is from Habakkuk 2:2  which talks about writing  the vision and making it plain so that the person who reads it can run with it. The next verse Habakkuk 2:3 talks about the vision being for a future time. The strategy involves writing down the end result you want to see and then repeating it until you see it come to pass. It is evident from the scripture that it will take time as noted in the quote by Veronica Roth “Change, like healing, takes time”.

Write it Down and Repeat

If you don’t have your end result in mind, you may start with writing down  motivational moving on quotes and repeating them daily. Our words carry power, you can record the quotes on sticky notes and place them on a wall or mirror that you look at daily. You can record them on your phone and play then back to yourself each morning. You can place them over the door frames of your home so that you walk under them each day.

Do It for 21 Days

You can start with the group of 7 motivational quotes about  moving on  above or pick your own. It is said that it takes 21 days to form or break a habit. So, try this strategy for 21 days, keeping in mind that you will be tested along the way by your obstacle so that you can understand how much progress you are making. In time, you will be successful in moving on and overcoming the obstacle.

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