The Power of a Second Glance : Free Your Mind

Familiar things  fading into the background?

Are there things you walk  or drive by daily that have become so familiar to you don’t notice them anymore? The objects could be restaurants,  houses, trees, statues, or people. In the busyness of life  we sometime overlook common things that can give us inspiration and enhance our daily existence.  However there are times we need to stop and take a second glance.

Time to Look again?

I say that because if we seeking solutions to some of life problems, the answer is often right in front of us. I  recently passed by a statue of an eagle and this time something about it caught my attention. This particular statue had an eagle with its wings spread wide for a flight. As I stared at it, I focused on the small body and long wings and wondered what would happen if the eagle never opened its wings to fly. I thought about the bald eagle and how it has been adopted in the U.S. as a symbol of strength and freedom and was reminded of sermons or people referring to others as eagles, but I kept thinking what would happen if the eagle could not  or would not fly.  I was so intrigued I pulled out my cell phone and did some quick research, and here are five things  found.

vision of a eagle

#1 Limited Vision

If the eagle did not open its wings and fly, it would not make use of the keen vision that allows it to see and focus on targets at very long distances with clarity and successfully aim for and strike the target.

#2 Limited Adventure

If the eagle did not open its wings and fly, it would not experience the adventure of taking off and landing.

soaring eagle

#3 Limited Challenges

If the eagle did not open its wings and fly, it would live below its means and spend time with other birds that will not challenge it to aim for the sky.

#4 Limited Strength

If the eagle did not open its wings and fly, it would not have the ability to  fly into a storm and then use the pressure and turbulence of the storm to take it to greater heights.

#5 Limited Success

If the eagle did not open its wings and fly, it would not know how high it could soar or what it could accomplish.

As I concluded the research, I  wondered if I had been drawn to the statue of the eagle because certain aspects of my life needed to be revitalized because they have become limited.  This may also be a message for you, if you are reading this post.   It may be time to take a second glance at a career, business, marriage, relationship, physical, spiritual or emotional challenge. Understand that as long as you have breath in your body, you can accomplish any goal, so take time to understand the problem, do the research and go for it like the eagle you are. Remove the limitations to your success in 2016.


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