Pick One Word That You Want To Describe Your 2015

Now Work This Word in 2015

If you have spent anytime listening to motivational speakers, preachers or great teachers you will often be moved by their words. Words are used to communicate a message, thought or idea. Many books, magazines and websites contain beautiful images but without words to describe the images, the reader may not understand the purpose or the word. In Christian circles, the Bible is often referred to as the Word.

motivational-quotesWords that Impacted Your Life.

Now, think back to a time in your life when someone’s word made an impact on your life. Those words may have been written or spoken. They may have come from a parent, teacher, motivational speaker, inspirational quote, or a song. You may have interpreted what you heard as positive or negative, but if you still remember it, it had an impact on you.

Your 2015 Challenge

Our words are powerful and we at the New Face of 50 would like you to Pick One Word that you want to describe your 2015. Once you pick that word, work it. Use it to make a difference in your life in 2015. There are so many positive inspirational words available to you, you just need to pick one. Write it in a place where you can see and repeat it each day perhaps on your mirror. Study that word learn more about it. Use it in a sentence daily in something related to you. This is how you work it for 2015.  Now leave us a note and let us know the word you chose.



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