Things That Make You Go Hmmm, Car Dashboards MPH


What’s up with the MPH on Car Dashboards?

I  recently took a trip to rural South Georgia and had to travel through several small rural towns. The roads were very dark and in the shadows of darkness as I approached each new town lying in wait was a small town police officer.  Since I was born and raised in rural South Georgia, I was careful to obey the posted speed limit  because no one wants to get pulled over in the darkness where only a few cars come by each hour.

As I was telling my sister of my desire to never move back to these types of small towns and the speed traps with cops sitting in the darkness, she said something to me that really caused me to stop and think. It was one of those moments when I had to say, “Hmmm?”.

Her comment was “Why do they even make cars with speedometers that go up to 160 MPH but if you drive over  75 MPH  you can get a ticket. It makes no sense.” I had no answer for her, but it did cause me to stop and think.

What would you have said to her?


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