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Tracking Progress Keeps You On Target

When you are trying to accomplish a goal, most people can stay on track when they document progress. Whether you are starting a business, changing careers or even trying to loose a few pounds,...

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Good Eats: Ham, Gravy and Grits

From My Mother-In-Law’s Kitchen Have you ever had one of those meals that just make you just want to lick your fingers because the food is so good.  I had one of those meals...


50 Powerful Words To Use Daily

Power Words – Your Secret Weapon  Have you every listened to a good sales pitch and then  purchased something you did not really want to buy. How do you think they got your attention?...

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55 Year Old Eddie Murphy Reaches #9

He Did It Again At Age 55 – Eddie Murphy Now Father of 9  It has been said that the number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality.   Eddie Murphy and...

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