50 Names for 50 Year Olds

 Do you have one of the top 50 names for a 50 year old?



If you were born in 1963, you will be 50 years old this year. Have you ever asked your parents why they chose your name? Some parents chose to name their children after a relative, movie star or someone they admired. It’s also possible your parents chose your name from the list of most popular names the year you were born.

Based on data from the Social Security Administration, if  you were born in 1963, and you are a man your name might be Michael. However if you are a woman, your name may be Lisa. Below is a table that lists the 50 most popular names for men and women born in 1963.


  Males Females
Rank Name Name
1 Michael Lisa
2 David Michelle
3 John Kimberly
4 James Jennifer
5 Robert Melissa
6 William Mary
7 Mark Angela
8 Richard Tammy
9 Christopher Karen
10 Brian Susan
11 Jeffrey Laura
12 Thomas Kelly
13 Timothy Amy
14 Scott Christine
15 Steven Patricia
16 Joseph Julie
17 Kevin Elizabeth
18 Daniel Tina
19 Paul Cynthia
20 Charles Pamela
21 Anthony Dawn
22 Eric Lori
23 Kenneth Stephanie
24 Matthew Donna
25 Ronald Tracy
26 Gregory Sandra
27 Stephen Deborah
28 Todd Linda
29 Donald Michele
30 Patrick Teresa
31 Edward Wendy
32 Gary Sharon
33 Douglas Rebecca
34 Andrew Brenda
35 Keith Denise
36 George Barbara
37 Sean Cheryl
38 Larry Debra
39 Peter Nancy
40 Troy Kathleen
41 Craig Maria
42 Rodney Rhonda
43 Shawn Robin
44 Jerry Christina
45 Dennis Paula
46 Jeffery Jill
47 Jason Theresa
48 Terry Andrea
49 Frank Carol
50 Raymond Jacqueline

Where does your first name rank in the Top 50 Popular name for a 50 year old?

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