So You Want To Be Happy In Life?

What is Happiness?

Some people search for it their whole life and never find true happiness. Is it a myth or does it really exist? Webster defines happiness as

a. “state of well-being and contentment”  :joy
b :”a pleasurable or satisfying experience”

happy life

In the state of the world today, some may think there is little happiness yet many are finding their joy communing with nature, helping others, singing,  teaching,  dancing or just living their truth.

In a recent blog post by the Urban Jungle Company, they listed 25 Life Changing Habit of Happy People. I thought the article was very inspiring so I am adding it here for your reading enjoyment. The list is short and simple but when you read the 25 habits as a unit it makes a good recipe for happiness.

happy girl

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25 Life Changing Habits of Happy People

10 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

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