5 Techniques for Learning to Swim at Age 50

5 Tips for Learning to Swim at Age 50

Swimming is a great way to past time and also a good source of exercise to stay in shape while having fun. Ideally, it would be best  to learn how to swim when you are a child.  In facts, kids can be taught how to swim even when they are below the age of 3, and once they learn they rarely forget the skill.  The older you are the more difficult it becomes to learn to swim, but that does not mean there is no hope. . There are techniques that can help you learn how to swim even at the age of 50. Many of these techniques have been tested and have worked for them, effectively teaching the post 40 crowd  how to swim. Here is a list of some of these tips.

Tip #1 Loose the Fear, Embrace the Water

The number one technique to teach adults  how to swim is to familiarize them with the water. Most  adults failed to learn how to swim when they were young because of the fear of water. They have to  unlearn this fear and become friendly with the water. This can start by  by walking along beach shore lines, wading in the shallow edges of a pool while working with a trainer and engaging in small water exercises.

Tip #2 Learn to Float

The next tip is to teach older adults how to float. This is followed by training them on how to glide, through the process of kicking off towards the side of the pool. Though some adults may see this as a delay from what they are trying to accomplish, it helps a lot in preparing them for the plunge.

Tip #3 Engage in the Fun

The next technique is to get them to engage in different plays. While children are always engaged in plays like the “bottom to bottom” when they learn swimming, adults tend to overlook this, although it is very important. You can organize them to take relays in water. They can also swim in pairs where one person will be doing the arm stroke and the other will be kicking while holding their partner. This is called a functional play technique. This is basically meant to make them see swimming as a play or game.

Tip #4 Learn Muscle Memory

The next technique after engaging in the fun,  is learning muscle memory. This is accomplished through teaching different breathing motions at different times. The muscle memories can be combined once, the different motions are learned separately.  The motions include arms motion, leg motions and the breathing motions.

Tip #5  Practice using Water Cure 

The Water Cure” is  a system used by injured athletes for recovery.  It is more of a psychological system which tries to instill some form of water competency in people. It  helps people  become skilled in entering and exiting the water properly. It also helps them to achieve 360 degrees turning while floating on the water. This technique involves threading a float for just one minute and moving for at least 25 yards in the water. It is an all encompassing technique. The technique includes encouraging communication, feedback and instruction from fellow students that help people make adjustments in the water.

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