Periodic Fasting Has Impact On Weight Loss – Should you try it?

To Fast Or Not To Fast That Is The Question

A number of studies have been conducted recently that shows that ccasional fasting appears to have weight loss benefits. It’s not uncommon for many Christians to kick off the new year with a Daniel fast where they  not only spend time praying but also limiting their food  intake to fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

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Normally during this holy 21 day fast, the participants see weight loss of 10 to 20 pounds. After they get through the occasional headaches and desire for sweets and carbs, they embrace the temporary sacrifice and focus.  However, after the fast is over, many of these disciplined fasters eventually transition back to their prior eating habits and loose the health improvements gained during the fast.

But would happen if people fasted throughout the course of a year;  one day a week or several days every couple of months. Would they see health improvements.  The answers can be found in these articles below that outline a number of recent studies on fasting and weight loss.

These articles publised by Medical News Today list multiple benefits including: Weight Loss, Improved Blood Pressure and Improved Motabolism.

fasting to loose weigh

Take a look and learn more from these articles from  then decide if this is a practice you might consider participating in this year.

Read These Articles

16:8 fasting diet actually works, study finds

Intermittent fasting may have ‘profound health benefits’

Enjoy yourself and happy fasting if you decide it’s worth it.


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