Don’t Let Yourself Become Socially Isolated, Try SET

Social Isolation

Social isolation is becoming a crisis in our community and there seems to be little hope of this pattern abating in the future. There are many reasons for the isolation, some are simple others are complicated.  Regardless of the reason,  the result is people who are isolated are not completely experiencing the fruits of living, and  are missing out on opportunities to fellowship, socialize and interact with others.


Individual Power

As a sector of individual power, public isolation has serious effects. An individual’s power is  the perceived ability to influence or control decisions, circumstances or a person’s behavior. When people are isolated from the public, they limit their engagement in the fundamental system that can help them accomplish or sustain individual power. If you are age 50+, you may have encountered isolation at various times in your own life and it may have left you feeling distressed or offended.  In today’s society, those intentionally separated or trapped from contact with others may be on a fast track to psychological failure. In some instances, people may live in the same house with others and  still feel social isolation and loneliness.

Health Issues

If you are experiencing feelings of social isolation,  due to a separation, divorce,  loss of a loved one, lack of friends,  low self-esteem etc, it is important to personally acknowledge the issue and take actions to remedy the situation. Social isolation has been proven to promote higher rates of morbidity and mortality.  Isolation often times leads to stress and stress is linked to health issues such as bronchial asthma, annoying intestinal, abdomen problems, inflammation related intestinal illness, and heart related illnesses.

Social Engaging Tips ( SET)

If you are concerned that you are becoming socially isolated, you may choose to employ these Social Engaging Tips ( SET) .

  1. You can begin on the computer – A great device to get in touch with individuals. If you are reading this, you already started, you obviously have the abilities. Google search an online group or regions that may be of  interest  to you. If you are into films, look for a forum or chat room on films and begin getting involved.
  2. If you already have daily public interactions, you can change your regular routines. Try meeting associates directly from work or college,  rather than going home first. Try  visiting  different venues like galleries and museums, or fast food restaurants.
  3. If you are looking to make new friends, you can join one of the online dating sites. Dating does not have to be your only objective, sometimes you may just want to chat with someone.
  4. You may want to  find a hobby that causes you to engage with people. You may choose to take a self-improvement class, such as yoga, dance, photography or learn a new language. Other hobbies may include playing sports or volunteering.
  5. Finally, if none of these work, try getting a pet. Research shows that pets make great friends and show you unconditional love. They also provide great health benefits such as lower blood pressure, stress relief and can also be used for social conversation starters. If you need to learn how to train your pet, here is a great video to watch.

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