Valerie Bertinelli at 54 -Take Shame Out of Weight Gain

Midlife weight gain,  is not about shame.  Most women gain an average of a  pound per year in their 40s and 50s, thus increasing their weight by a total of 10 to 15 pounds when they hit middle age. The gain is a product of  age and hormones in conjunction with poor lifestyle choices, overeating, genetics, limited exercising, and stress.

The New Face of 50 celebrates 54 year old Valerie  Bertinelli for not only standing up for herself, but also the million of women and men struggling with these body changes.  As people age, they tend to be less mobile. Furthermore, women lose muscle mass in the aging process, since muscle burns more calories than fat, women end up burning fewer calories.

Women and men in their 50s must become accountable for their mid-life changes and make adjustments through increasing physical activity,  choosing a healthier diet, and understanding their bodies. There are many tips and strategies that can be implemented to fight against weight gain, but shame is not one of them. So we celebrate Ms. Bertinelli for taking a stand and addressing the issue.

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