5 Good Uses Of Coconut On Your Body This Fall

You may have heard that Coconut is a white miracle solution in a jar. If you haven’t heard, it may be a good time to get familiar with this oil. It has been used for many things including fighting diseases, weight loss, and promoting healthy skin, hair and nails. In this article, we cover five uses of coconut oil for the body.

1. Soothe and Mosturize Hands and Feet


Since coconut oil has mosturizing properties, you can use coconut oil on your hands and feet daily to improve cracked skin, soften hands and feet, and soothe tired aching feet. Protect your hands when doing dishes by rubbing your hands down with coconut oil.

2. Minimize Spider Veins

Spider vein occurs when a vein becomes weakened and there is a back-up of blood that causes the vein to break off and form a dead end. Spider veins can result from standing a long time or they can be heredity. Apply warm coconut oil directly to your spider veins. The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil when applied to the veins can help soothe the inflamed areas and return the veins to their original state.

3. Prevent Skin Infections

Coconut oil’s antibacterial and antifungal properties help prevent infections when you apply the oil directly to a wound or cut.

4. Use In Face Mask


Combine coconut oil with other natural ingredients to make a face mask. You can use items such as honey, lemon juice, almond milk, or mayonnaise. Add two tablespoons of coconut oil with any of these ingridients to make a face mask.

5. Age Spots

Age spots are found more often in adults over 50. They are dark areas on your skin. You may see them on your hands, face, shoulders and arms. They appear on those areas that are exposed more often to the sun. Coconut oil when applied directly to age spots can be used to minimize age spots.

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