Your Dream Team Recipe for Kickstarting your Scheme

Team Work Makes the Dream Work



You’ve Heard the saying or likely seen it on a T-Shirt :

It’s a saying that is spoken often when you are need to motivate a group of people to work together to accomplish a single goal.  In order to get the team to work together, you will need a recipe. The recipe will consist of a number of ingredients. Below, we discuss 7 of the main ingredients you will need to accomplish the goal. Keeping in mind you will likely need to add some sprinkles of a few other ingredients of your choice.

Ingredient #1 The Vision

In the Proverbs 29:18 the scriptures notes “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. This means that someone on the team has to have a vision of what they want to accomplish. Whether it’s a new product, a charitable cause, a new business there must be a vision. Once the vision, mission is identified then then the next step in the plan.

Ingredient #2 The Plan

In Habakkuk the scripture reads ” And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. This means, that there should be a plan for the vision. It should be expressed in words, documented with as many details and you can identify. The purpose of documenting the vision is to give insight into others that may need to help you with the implementation. In addition, it can serve as a reminder of the goal of the vision.

Ingredient #3 The Participants

The next ingredient is the participants “those who will run who reads it”. When you have a vision and you write it down, documenting the things, steps or people you remember that are involved, it opens the door to identify the resources required to complete the work.

Ingredient #4 The Communication

In addition to identifying the vision, plan and participants, you need the ability to speak the plan to the participants. There should be regular communication to provide information, answer questions, remove obstacles and discuss progress. A team cannot work effectively if they are not all informed about where they are going, where they are, what’s left to get done, who is responsible and how to complete the remaining steps.

team work ingredients

Ingredient #5 The Accountability

Another ingredient that is key is accountability. Each participant that is connected to the vision will have a responsibility. In order for the dream to work, participants may need to form teams and work together to the final outcome. Each team member must be accountable to the vision and their role in bringing the vision to pass. This is one of the reasons communication is key, part of the role of the communicator of the vision is to help each participant understand their role.


Ingredient #6 The Skills

No vision can be implemented with having the right skills to do the work. A skilled participant with the right support and direction is instrumental to building out the vision. There is a danger of derailing the vision if the right people are not in the right jobs. In many instances, the vision requires not only skilled workers but experienced workers with that can-do spirit.

Ingredient # 7 Unity

The final ingredient that we need is unity.  In scripture Matthew 12:25, the parable speaks about a” House divided against itself cannot stand”. This also speaks to the vision. If the participants in the vision are constantly in disagreement about the vision, direction, mission or purpose, the team will eventually dissolve and the vision will not get implemented. So, it’s important that the team walk in unity and agree in order to achieve or preserve the vision.

If you will take these ingridents and sprinkle a few of your own, you can be well on your way to forming a team that will help you accomplish your dream.

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