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Faces ’63: The Integration

Malone Registers for Classes at All White Univeristy of Alabama A look back at 1963 and those who became a part of the freedom movement to liberate a nation. About This Photo   Related Stories...


What’s in your FAB 50 Vocabulary?

They are all around and have so much power. They can have a positive or a negative influence. They can calm or infuse a situation. They can bring us comfort or pain. If you...


Jodie Foster declares “I’m 50”

Jodie Foster’s New Face of 50 Liberation Speech Last night at the Golden Globe Awards,  Jodie Foster started her speech declaring “I’m 50, I’m 50“. It was a very liberating speech as she talked...


Five-O What’s Your Fear?

Anticipating or Dreading the Big Five-O? Let’s face it not everyone is excited about turning the big 50.  Although it is a major milestone in life, many people dread the first decade past middle...


Buzz word for today: “Talent Management”

Talent Management: It’s all about you.  Have you heard of talent management? I recently saw a job posting recruiting for a “Talent Manager” and I immediately thought it was referring to the management of...


Our Signature Drink Recipe

Try the NF50 Signature Drink! Some have asked that we share our NF50 Launch Party Signature Drink Recipe. Below are the ingridents that were used to create the Drink. If you choose to use the...

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