Five-O What’s Your Fear?

Anticipating or Dreading the Big Five-O?

Let’s face it not everyone is excited about turning the big 50.  Although it is a major milestone in life, many people dread the first decade past middle age. For many it is a time of reflection, where some create a  bucket list of  of all the goals they want to achieve, dreams they want to fulfill and life-experiences they desire to experience  in the future.  Others realize that they may not have aged so gracefully and start looking for the fountain of youth.

 It may also be the first time that the dreaded “R” word is mentioned.


Yes, retirement becomes more of a reality and this may also be the first time individuals start to evaluate whether they have saved enough money for retirement. Many will embrace their new status as another phase of life, while others will go through a midlife crisis.

Regardless, of  how you feel about turning 50, you should take comfort in knowing that aging is a slow process.  Remember when you could not wait to turn 18, it seemed to take so long and now that you are 50, you have at least 10 years to embrace this new decade of life.    Whether dealing with issues related to

Health?            Aging?           Romance?            Finance?

you have time to figure it out.   So take your time,  face those fears and share with us how you overcame them.

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