50 Powerful Words To Use Daily

Power Words – Your Secret Weapon 

Have you every listened to a good sales pitch and then  purchased something you did not really want to buy. How do you think they got your attention? They used power words to persuade you and draw you in. Some of these words are very simple, yet influence you to their way of thinking.

Here are three of them, the video shows you all 50.


The word You is a personal word. It is a pronoun that references the person being addressed.  It is a word that definitely gets your attention and can bring happiness or disappointment depending on what follows its. Imagine how excited you feel when you hear the words: “You are the winner or You are correct”. Yet, in the same context if just one additional word is added to the statements above, you will experience a different emotion. If the statements are “You are Not the Winner or You are Not correct”, you may experience thoughts of rejection or sadness.  A good sales person, knows how to use this three letter word to extract the responses needed from “You” thus it is one of their power words.



The word Now is used to express time. In the society we live in today, we don’t like to wait, we want it now. Think about when you are standing in line, often you are looking around scanning your surrounding because you really don’t want to wait, so you look for shorter line.  The power word NOW expresses to our inner self that we can have instant gratification. The change, the success, the problems and solutions are all available  if we would just act Now


Another power word often used is proven. The word Proven is used to get you in a frame of mind to trust what you are about to hear.  Each power word, draws on your senses to persuade you.  Proven often precedes words like method, product, or person  and is designed to imply you cannot loose because this thing has been tried, tested and approved. It gives you a feeling of comfort in making your decision.

Powerful words are all around us and some people are masterful when using them. The next time you hear a sales pitch or a great orator, listen to the words they use and focus on how they make you feel. As you see the 50 power words from the video, think about how you can incorporate them in to your daily life to improve your mood, relationships, or professional career. These 50 words have the power of persuasion, try them!



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