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50 Miles To A Better You: Fitness Plan

50 Miles To A Better You  Have you been waiting for the right time to get a bit more exercise?  Why not start today and join us at The New Face of 50 in...

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Take the Green Juice Challenge

Green is a color that represents nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green is a calming color, so it should not be surprising that people waiting to appear on TV relax in “green...

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Tip #1 Brain Power: 50 Tips To A Harmonic You

The Harmonic You Series Finding balance in our lives is always a challenge, so this series is designed to provide tips on simple changes you can make to bring some harmony in your life to physically,...


50 Calorie Health Snacks!

Fabulous  50 Calorie snacks! Are you looking for some low calorie snacks to help curb those cravings.  Forget about those sweet unhealthy candy bars and select a snack from this  list of  50 calorie...

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