Biggest Loser Season 16 – No Ace for 50 Year Old Zina Garrison

The Two Over 50 Candidates On Season 16 Become One

Zina Garrison Update

Fifty year old, Zina Garrison was the first contestant to be eliminated from Season 16 of The Biggest Loser. The 263 pound Garrison struggled to make it through  the first challenge, so she did not make it onto the Red, Blue or White team.  She ran out of energy and strength shortly before crossing the finish line and had to be treated by paramedics and carried from the obstacle course.   After leaving the ranch, she was given a second chance  at Comeback Canyon with veteran trainer Bob Harper. In this challenge, she competed against ousted contestant Vanessa Hayden, former WNBA player. The goal of the challenge was obtain the highest percentage of weight loss at the end of a week of diet and intense working out. Unfortunately,  Zina was not the biggest loser, since Vanessa lost a greater percentage of weight in the challenge. Zina was sent home, but in the post episode update, Zina  had lost 40  pounds and continues to work out. We will see her again at the end of this Season.


Mike Murburg Update

Mike Murburg, age 58 is the other over 50 contestant. Mike  successfully completed the first challenge and chose  the Red Team with trainer Dolvett Quince. Murburg who continues to work through emotions related to the death of his 20 year old son, faced another challenge right before the last chance workout. He tore his meniscus and had to use crutches to walk. In spite of this setback, Mike continued to work out and at the weigh in, all were shocked to see that he had lost an amazing 38 pounds.

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