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Get Free Stuff Online in 2015

5  Freebies Online You May Want In 2015 If you are looking for free food, free gift cards, free beauty products, or free samples, you can find free stuff online with little effort. Below...

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50 Miles To A Better You: Fitness Plan

50 Miles To A Better You  Have you been waiting for the right time to get a bit more exercise?  Why not start today and join us at The New Face of 50 in...

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Michael “Air” Jordan At Age 51

Michael Jordan – Headlines People are still interested in knowing what is going on with former basketball player Michael Jordan.  Although now 51, MJ is still making headlines.  He is the majority owner of...

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The New Face of 50

In the bible, the number 50 means jubilee or deliverance. The number 50 historically has been associated with liberty. In the United States there are 50 states and on the U.S. flag there are...


50 Calorie Health Snacks!

Fabulous  50 Calorie snacks! Are you looking for some low calorie snacks to help curb those cravings.  Forget about those sweet unhealthy candy bars and select a snack from this  list of  50 calorie...


What’s in your FAB 50 Vocabulary?

They are all around and have so much power. They can have a positive or a negative influence. They can calm or infuse a situation. They can bring us comfort or pain. If you...

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