The New Face of 50

The New Face of 50In the bible, the number 50 means jubilee or deliverance.

The number 50 historically has been associated with liberty. In the United States there are 50 states and on the U.S. flag there are 50 stars. The number 50 is so prevelant in our society.  Think about the U.S., the reason so many foreigners try to get here is because of the freedom, liberty and hope for a better future. The New Face of 50 blog represents all of these ideas. It is a a blog about the joy and freedoms of the fabulous fifties. It is designed for sharing thoughts and ideas related to the journeys that we will encounter as we celebrate our next 50 years of successes. The blog will cover topics specific to men, women, relationships, finances and health.  We welcome your comments. Welcome to the New Face of 50!

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