Read My Lip Color, Guess My Sexy Personality

Have you ever considered what your lipstick may be saying about you?

Your personality is constantly speaking whether you realize it or not. Your body language, clothes, hair, shoes, jewelry, and yes even your lips are providing hints about your personality. Therefore it should come as no surprise that lip coloring which has existed for over 3000 years, is used by women and some men to express themselves.


The process of coloring lips has been used by women to beautify themselves since before Jesus Christ walked the earth.[pullquote-left] It is reported that Cleopatra used a mixture of crushed carmine beetles and ants to color her lips red.[/pullquote-left] The Mesopotamian women used crushed gemstones to decorate their lips and the Ancient Egyptians risked serious illness and even death to color their lips with red dye extracted  from fucus-algin, 0.01% iodine, and some bromine mannite.

The fashion industry spends millions of dollars each year to not only identify new shades of lipstick but also new ways to market it. Lipstick products range from mood to moisture, in a spectrum of colors. In addition, the latest marketing techniques include naming the personality type of the person who wears it..  So now if you are feeling flirty, mysterious, sultry, or complicated there is most likely a lipstick to match your mood. Below you will find some of these new products, enjoy the challenge of finding matches for your various personality types.

Here are some of the new shades introduced by Revlon. They also make great stocking stuffers for women and young teens.

[column size="one-fifth"]Striking [/column][column size="one-fifth"]Elusive  [/column][column size="one-fifth"]Sultry   [/column][column size="one-fifth"]Shameless [/column][column size="one-fifth" last="true"]Michevious[/column]

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