50 Tips: “He May Be Into You”

Our Top 50 List that Let’s You Know Your Man is Into You

Relationships are complicated and there are times when a woman  assumes a man’s actions means he has a romantic interest in her.  


Although each relationship is unique, below is a list of actions that just may indicate the man may just be into you.

  1. He gets your favorite scented candles and run a bubble bath
  2. He cooks or orders your favorite meal
  3. He gives you a back rub
  4. He gives you a manicure/pedicure
  5. He opens the doors for you
  6. He fills your car up with gas
  7. He washes your car
  8. He massages your feet
  9. He invites you out for a date night
  10. He purchases you perfumes and lingerie
  11. He holds your hand in public
  12. He tells you he loves you
  13. He listens to you as you speak
  14. He asks about your day
  15. He prays for you
  16. He finds something to compliment you on each day
  17. He plans a romantic evening
  18. He cuddles with you
  19. He feeds you
  20. He sends you flowers for no specific reason
  21. He takes your car and have it serviced
  22. He purchases matching T-shirts or jackets that you can wear as a couple
  23. He takes you dancing and slow dances with you
  24. He plans a photo shoot for the two of you
  25. He takes you on a picnic
  26. He surprises you and take you out to lunch
  27. He writes you a love song and serenades you
  28. He plans a romantic get away
  29. He serves you breakfast in bed
  30. He takes a walk in the park with you and talks with you
  31. He cares for you when you are not feeling well
  32. He works on a project with you
  33. He asks your advice to show he values your opinion
  34. He places a picture of you on his desk or bedroom table
  35. He exercises with you
  36. He talks about his future plans and includes you in those plans
  37. He sends you a text to let you know you he is thinking of you
  38. He purchases an item that helps you accomplish your dreams
  39. He purchases some ad space and place a special note to you
  40. He purchases tickets for you to see your favorite recording artist
  41. He shows you that he is patient and gentle
  42. He takes you shopping
  43. He plays board games with you
  44. He rents your favorite movie, pops some popcorn and watches it with you
  45. He apologizes to you when he hurts your feelings
  46. He takes you to gatherings held by his friends and family
  47. He leaves you a love note in an unexpected place
  48. He tells you he finds you attractive
  49. He creates a signature drink for you
  50. He shares his food with you and lets you have the last bite

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