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It Pays To Be In Your 50s and a Talk Show Host!

Is Talk Cheap? We are not sure where the saying “Talk is Cheap” originated, but according to a recent article by Thomas Tennant for about entertainment, daytime talk show hosts are scoring big when...

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Happy 50th Birthday To You Jeopardy!

I’ll Take “About Jeopardy” for 200 Alex. Jeopardy has now celebrated 50 years of being on air. The quiz show created by Merv Griffin aired  March 30, 1964 on NBC.   The initial version...


50 Names for 50 Year Olds

 Do you have one of the top 50 names for a 50 year old?   If you were born in 1963, you will be 50 years old this year. Have you ever asked your...

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