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Laughter A Great Medicine

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh: Great Medicine to Relieve Stress We have all seen the signs, pictures and art work that tell us to Live, Laugh, Love or LOL, Laugh Out Loud. Well there is something...

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It Pays To Be In Your 50s and a Talk Show Host!

Is Talk Cheap? We are not sure where the saying “Talk is Cheap” originated, but according to a recent article by Thomas Tennant for about entertainment, daytime talk show hosts are scoring big when...


50 Tips: “He May Be Into You”

Our Top 50 List that Let’s You Know Your Man is Into You Relationships are complicated and there are times when a woman  assumes a man’s actions means he has a romantic interest in...

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Michael “Air” Jordan At Age 51

Michael Jordan – Headlines People are still interested in knowing what is going on with former basketball player Michael Jordan.  Although now 51, MJ is still making headlines.  He is the majority owner of...

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Tip #1 Brain Power: 50 Tips To A Harmonic You

The Harmonic You Series Finding balance in our lives is always a challenge, so this series is designed to provide tips on simple changes you can make to bring some harmony in your life to physically,...


Jodie Foster declares “I’m 50”

Jodie Foster’s New Face of 50 Liberation Speech Last night at the Golden Globe Awards,  Jodie Foster started her speech declaring “I’m 50, I’m 50“. It was a very liberating speech as she talked...

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