Are You A Selfie-A-Wear Shopper?

The Selfie-A-Wear Shopper.

A new type of shopper is on the horizon called the selfie-a-wear shopper. Are you one of them? If you are one of those shoppers who takes a selfie and sends it to your friends or family to get approval before you buy, then you are a selfie-a-wear shopper. The selfie-a-wear shopper can be a man or a woman. As a matter a fact, in a recent study by social shopping site “Shopa” approximately 14% of  women shoppers  take pictures of what they intend to buy, sends it off to their social buddies and wait for about 10 likes  before deciding to purchase. The study also found that the average shopping  time for both men and women has doubled from 16 minutes to 31 minutes as people wait for approval. This is also leading to longer time in the dressing room, thus increasing wait time for those wanting to try on clothes.


GenX and Boomers

Although the study found that the average age of the selfie-a-wear shopper is around 28, we would suggest that there are some Generation X and Boomers who are also engaged in the  selfie social shopping experience.  The Pew Research Center reports that 65% of those aged 50-64 use social media networking sites, 18% of those aged 50-64 use social networking from their smartphones and 24% of GenX have shared a selfie, whereas only 9% of boomers have shared a selfie.


Ease of Sharing

Smartphones, texting and social media have opened new doors that allows people to be immediately engaged to seek validation and share that new look or style from people they trust.  Sharing through social media avenues,  not only provides an opportunity to get feedback from trusted sources, but can also allow you to build the confidence to experiment with a new personal style as you become more self aware in a selfie-a-wear environment.  So if this is you, hit the comment button below and share your experience.

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