Goal Setting Your Dream: What Everyone Should Try

We All Have Dreams

All of us have dreams, aims and projects that we want to accomplish. However, if we  only dream and imagine what we want to achieve, while constantly delaying action, the risk is we will never reach our goal. Furthermore, when we don’t take action, other people may take the wind out of our sails and do exactly what we aimed at – before we get started. All of this can be avoided by setting deadlines, and striving to achieve them.dreams have deadlines

Dreams Have Deadlines 

Napoleon Hill, an American author  wrote books during the Great Depression stimulating people to achieve personal success, said thata goal is a dream with a deadline.  Napoleon Hill interviewed the richest scientists, inventors and businessmen of his time, trying to find out  the reason for their success, and how each of us can benefit from their experience. In fact,regardless of the goal we want to achieve, it’s accomplishment is tied to the thread that is governing our lives: TIME.

Nothing is confining our existence as much as time; while everything else is readily available – or attainable, our time is limited and we are all walking towards our own “dead line”. That’s why we need to benefit from our time to realize as many of our objectives as possible. Similarly, the word “deadline” comes from a line which was drawn around prisons; if a prisoner transgressed that line, he could be shot dead. We set deadlines based on time because we don’t want our dreams and goals to become dead to us.

The Goal or Dream Must Have a Priority


If we want to achieve our goals and to enjoy the satisfaction, the moral and possibly material benefits their accomplishment will bring us, we must not only to take time into consideration – we have to give it priority. We start by carefully planning and setting a reasonable deadline to achieve our aim. Of course, we have to take into consideration the fact that any incident can happen and delay us. Set the timeline generously, so that there is limited disappointment if there is a setback or an  unexpected event distract you from your tasks.  Taking this into consideration, stick to the time you set to implement the vision. Having set a deadline will give you the necessary urgency and energy to act.

The Goal or Dream Must Have A Plan

People are often asked, “how do you eat an elephant”?  The answer is normally one bite at a time. The metaphor is used to discuss how one may go about tackling a very large goal.  When we have a large goal or dream with a deadline, it must be  divided into shorter, verifiable time spans, each framing a task – or a part thereof. Draw or write the partial stages down on paper, or use a software application to do it. Keep the plan you defined well in sight, and read it out loud twice a day – it will inspire and motivate you for your mission.

When you reach a “check point”, make sure you are complying with the time schedule; if you are late on your target, don’t delay your deadline, rather stimulate yourself to work harder, for longer hours if needed, and be more focused and concentrated in order to recover the lost time. It may sound hard, but in order to be successful one has to embrace difficulties and not give in to lethargy, idleness or a lazy state of mind. Being active and productive is the best incentive for your mind, soul, and self-esteem – and even boosts your physical health.


The Goal or Dream Must Be Given A Chance

You may say: “I have been adhering to deadlines at work most of my life, why should I do that to myself just to fulfill a personal dream?”   Striving to achieve your own goal conveys a pleasant, energizing and motivating feeling – that attaches a deep value, pride and meaning to your accomplishment.  Once you have achieved your first target, you will be ready to accomplish even greater, more challenging and more rewarding goals. Don’t forget that it is never too late to learn, to discover, to act, to create –  your dreams. Technology, the Internet and software can be very supportive in your efforts to achieve your objectives. Take the opportunity to be productive, to inspire and to share your dream with the World.

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