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Michael “Air” Jordan At Age 51

Michael Jordan – Headlines People are still interested in knowing what is going on with former basketball player Michael Jordan.  Although now 51, MJ is still making headlines.  He is the majority owner of...

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Tip #1 Brain Power: 50 Tips To A Harmonic You

The Harmonic You Series Finding balance in our lives is always a challenge, so this series is designed to provide tips on simple changes you can make to bring some harmony in your life to physically,...


What’s in your FAB 50 Vocabulary?

They are all around and have so much power. They can have a positive or a negative influence. They can calm or infuse a situation. They can bring us comfort or pain. If you...


Fat At 50: What Happened?

Fat At 50:What happened?  Do you stop and sometimes ask yourself questions such as    “Why do I look like I am 6 months pregnant?” or “What is this extra layer of skin under my...

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