25 Positive Affirmations for African Americans
Here are 25 Positive Affirmations that I challenge African Americans to start repeating.  Let's use our words to change the atmosphere and bring good results forth instead of the negative portrayals of others.  This can be the start of an affirmative action plan.
Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow.
A man is but the product of his thoughts.
What he thinks, he becomes.
Mahatma Gandhi
I am a unique and extraordinary person created by the Creator (God) who makes
no mistakes.
I have a great brightness to offer the world and the world is a better place
because I am living in it.
No one can determine my destiny except me and the Creator who created and
sent me.
The past has no power over me, each day I create a new past and I shape my past
through the path as guided by the Creator.
I am thankful for all who sacrificed even unto death so that I can walk out my
destiny. I honor their sacrifice and build on it.
I will not belittle others to empower myself, I am empowered because I know who
I am and my worth.
I embrace and learn my history knowing that I am a descendant of Kings, Queens,
mighty warriors and inventors.
I am a gift sent by the Creator to my people, community and nation for
empowering the world.
I am happy in the skin suit that I was sent in, to be unhappy would mean the
Creator: God made a mistake which does not happen.
People are entitled to have an opinion of me, but their opinion does not shape or
define me.
When I can see it, I can achieve it therefore I will create images that allow
me to see the end goal.
I will build up my people and community not tear them down.
I am creative because I came from the Master Creator who lives in me.
No one can create anger or stress in me, I am in control of how I react to
every situation.
I can only give back to others what is in me. I choose to fill myself with
What I think about expands, therefore I will focus on positive things like
love, peace, joy, happiness, kindness and goodness.
No one can take away the gifts that were imparted in me from the Creator.
I am connected to an unlimited source where there is no lack and no
Because the Creator lives in me, I am the Creator in action.
I see success in everything I do. Each small success is a building block to a
larger success.
I am not here by accident but by devine providence.
I only allow into my thoughts words and images that inspire me.
I am surrounded by people who love, respect and protect me.
Today, I take a step forward in my destiny, and as I go the Creator will bring
the right circumstances and the right people  will show up on time.
My imagination is mine alone and I can place any thought in it with the words I
“Hate. It has caused a lot of problems in this world but has not solved one yet.”
Maya Angelou
What is an affirmation?
An affirmation is a positive declaration or assertion that defines a desired outcome. The affirmation is repeated often until the subconscious mind is transformed to believe it and receive it. 

With so many negative images portrayed in media, music and sometimes community, affirmations can be used as a tool for achieving success and improving your life.

More than ever, African Americans need to reinforce who they are and all the positive contributions they have made to the world.  Our words are powerful and they can build us up or tear us down.  It's time that we as African Americans start to consistently build ourselves up and reject the negative images portrayed in music, media, and talk radio
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